Plunder, 2020

International Museum of Contemporary Sculpture, Santo Tirso, Portugal

adhesive vinyl on glass

Plunder is a vinyl window installation designed for an entrance to the International Museum of Contemporary Sculpture as part of the exhibition Ineligible, curated by anthropologist Doug Bailey and Portuguese sculptor Sara Navarro.  All contributions were based on repurposed artifacts from excavations at the Trans Bay Transit Center in San Francisco. Each exhibition participant was sent a group of artifacts from the excavations to respond to in their contributions. Twenty-seven contributors were invited to participate in the exhibition, representing a variety of fields related to anthropology, archaeology and the arts, from Denmark, France, Israel, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom, and the United States. The impetus for Ineligible derives from Bailey’s long-term project Art/archaeology, a call for archaeologists, artists, historians, heritage professionals, and others to explore new territories beyond the traditionally defined boundaries of art and archaeology.


The exhibition was accompanied by a two-volume 250-page, illustrated print catalog in both English and Portuguese, Ineligible: a disruption of artefacts and artistic practice, and Creative (Un)makings: disruptions in art/archaeology.  Pdfs of both publications can be downloaded from this page on the museum website. This online summary of the exhibition links directly to a feature article about my project on the Stamps website.