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Meanwhile, 2007

Morlan Gallery, Transylvania University, Lexington, KY

machine-cut vinyl, stainless steel paint cans, latex paint, wood shelving

6’ x 15’


MEANWHILE was made using vector drawings of my alphabetic images which were cut in vinyl and attached to the surfaces of eighty-four empty steel paint cans. The vinyl colors are in rhythmic interaction with colors on the shelf surface, poured into the lids of the cans, painted in blocks on the wall behind the cans, and reflected from every angle on the exposed curved surfaces between the vinyl shapes.


Liberating my adhesive vinyl window installations from architectural glass to the surface of steel cans made them transportable, a form of product display.  They became three-dimensional tiles, alphabetic building blocks, paint escaping from labeled paint cans, a bar graph, a folding screen on rounded metallic surfaces.

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