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River tattoo banner.jpg

River Tattoo, 2014

Eberhard Center, Grand Valley State University,

Grand Rapids, Michigan

Adhesive vinyl on glass


Installed overlooking the Grand River, flowing through the heart of Grand Rapids.  I am enchanted by the river’s power and its sparkling patterned surface, constantly shifting in response to the light, the ripples, and the reflected environment.  I love the Blue Bridge over the river, its rhythmic diagonal patterns of steel beams, its color, and its rare and generous invitation to experience the power of the river on foot.


The river flows through my installation in a pattern of rhythmic lines rising and falling around the bend in the building, framing views and reflections of the bridge. The mural’s clouds, its flora, its teeming bestiary of creatures both sinister and benign seem to inhabit the world reflected in the glass, suggesting that the space around us is full of possibilities we have not yet begun to imagine


Vinyl fabrication by Dave Michalak of Imagecrafters, Inc., Ann Arbor


Adhesive vinyl on glass, 8’ x 85’ (sixteen paired window units, 100” x 64” each)

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